Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop

About Officer Jelly Nutz

The Citizens Against Cops Organization doesn't have a leader or person in charge of operations because every C.A.C. Member is equally as important as every other member. Officer Jelly Nutz would be considered the Poster Boy for the C.A.C. and he helps to spread the word to others. Officer Jelly Nutz started out by giving Public Service Announcements on 91.5 WRPI and didn't intend to gain so much popularity but callers kept requesting more of Officer Jelly Nutz and how if at all they could help in the cause. Sadly, OJN was caught up in the system for a period of time and during his incarceration came up with a new game plan for the C.A.C. Now Officer Jelly Nutz spreads his teachings across the country in hopes of gaining more new members and helping to change the current system that rules over the people who live here. One day with the help of the C.A.C. the people of this country might truly be "free."

Resist. Defy.