Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop

Kill Switch Klick - Atrophy lyrics

This time it's all about the real shit
The right to choose you've got to use it
You've got to use your first amendment
We hold these truths to be self-evident
Organize against the oppression
Confront the state funded aggression
They use the cops as guns for hire
They've pinned us down in the cross-fire
We the people have to be empowered
Take a stand or be another coward
The problems strictly economic
The rich get richer as the poor just get sardonic
Keep us down with greenback degradation
The crime is poverties humiliation
Homeless prescribed discrimination
The time has come for the human liberation

Atrophy, this ain't the way that it should be
Atrophy, break with the silent majority
Atrophy, this is the land of the free
Atrophy, fallen to complacency

The G.O.P. knee deep in the bullshit
Land of the free if you can afford it
Money hungry habitat destruction
Justified in the name of mass production
Hazardous waste intoxication
Stockpiled for the future generations
The time has come so now you've got to listen
We have to stop the fallout from the system
It's not some kinda question of morality
Survival instinct of final fatality
It's time to question all this authority
About it's motives and centralized brutality
They have to answer for their creation
For their ignorance and the death of a nation
Welcome to another revolution
Provided in the U.S. Constitution

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