Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop

MDC - I Remember lyrics

I remember getting intimidated and busted at age 13 by the police.
I remember my friend Tate Bryan getting shot in the back in Tampa, FL for his first-offense burglary.
I remember the police firing at the crowds and killing children cause they were the wrong color.
I remember the narcs from my high school trying to set me up for a big fall.
I remember the police bringing dogs into our school and sniffing away my rights.
The police is the klan is the mafia and they're out for me, and soon they're going to be out to get you, so you better get going if you know it's good for you and take your stand.

I remember when I first went to school
They said, Don't be a joker, don't be a fool
Pledge your allegiance to the red, white and blue
Don't expect your country to do nothin' for you
They said your forefathers loved you
but I only had one
And I watched him die in the heat of the sun
Suckin' up the bullets of a policeman's gun
There was nothin' I could do but stay away

In the U.S.A. you gotta take your chances
If you plan on stayin' free
They call this the land of the living
But they're trying to make a dead man out of me

I remember when I first hit the road
I was runnin' from the lenders of the money I owed
Came to Austin, heard a knock at my door
Crossed another border and I'm runnin' some more
They say they're gonna get me but it ain't happened yet
Burnin' my fingers on my last cigarette
It's time to remember time to forget
Nothin' I could do but get away

I remember all the stories I heard
How a man's supposed to be 'bout as free as a bird
My brother's in prison, my father's dead
Me, I'm tired of living with a price on my head
I wonder if there's a place to be
In the whole wide country for a fella like me
Name's in the paper, face on T.V.
Nothin'I can do but get away

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