Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop

Propagandhi - Bringer of Greater Things lyrics

Look at our collection of hands, heads, and feet to see where we've been. Embrace this parody: the ending of things you can belive. We'll drive you 'til you're skin and bones and when we finally reach the end, you'll fall open arms, accept our tears of sympathy. Make way for our emptiness. A descent that never ends 'til the one last living thing is the next thing to go. You should know by now that we never come in peace. Endure this tragedy, wrap yourselves in our fantasies. When you think of all you've lost, weigh it with what you've gained in trade. We've given the greatest gift: the savior that will never rise, The Bringer of Greater Things. Creator of Brighter Days. The city cops, a sub-zero night. A midnight ride out of town. The passenger was found frozen in the snow. Our enduring legacy. We bring a better way. Our handshake crushing bone. The blankets that keep you warm, we've soiled with disease. The Bringer of Greater Things. Creator of Brighter Days. The hollow songs you'll sing at the ending of your day. (dedicated to Rodney Naistus, Neil Stonechild, and Lawrence Wegner, murdered by members of the Saskatoon Police Department.)

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