Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop<

LoJack Prank

As you probably know, LoJack is a device that is "usually" attached to a car with a homing device and when it is stolen the police can find your car for you. What happens however if the LoJack device was taken out of your car and attached to something else that will move around on its own. A prime example of this would be a bird. The police will be running around in circles as they look for a car that is really a bird flying above their heads. This can also work for dogs, cats, cows, ect.

The main problem with this is reporting your car stolen but if done correctly this can be done without the police knowing what really happened. Just park your car a few blocks from your house and the police will think whoever stole it is the one who fucked with the LoJack system. To shift all doubt to a common "street thug" you can break one of your windows to show a forced entry.