Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop<

Police Property Vandalism

This entails anything that would destroy police property or vehicles. Damaging their car is probably your best bet. Anything from breaking a window to spray painting "pig" or something else derogatory on the side of the car. The best way we at the C.A.C have found to break car windows is to take a spark plug and chip of a tiny piece of the whitish graphite casing around the end of it. No bigger than the size of a pebble. If you throw it at a car window it will shatter the window making barely any sound at all except a faint click. This method does work very well even though it sounds like it might not.

Another prank is to take a metal wire with a hook on each end that can be purchased at any hardware store. When a cop car is parked somewhere hook 1 end to the back of the cop car by the license plate and hook the other end of the wire to something nearby. If there is some kind of hot-dog or flower stand or a motorcycle or bike close this is optimal but even another car or a building works. Then when the cop drives off he takes the object with him if he it isn't stationary. Otherwise he gets stuck and doesn't know what is going on at first.