Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop


12/04/10 - NEW SITE LAUNCHED!! Although right now it is just a new look with the same information, new stuff will be coming soon!!

10/19/10 - Wow, after 5 years, I finally did something with this site. I fixed the messageboard and transfered servers to save costs. Now I feel a renewed interest in updating so hopefully it will lead to some new stuff, if you have an media or stories send them to Officer Jelly Nutz!!

9/20/05 - MP3z were taken down by my web host. Read about it here.

11/15/03 - NEW IMAGE: Our Fearless Leader in the Field (George not JellyNutz)

3/17/02 - NEW MEDIA: Shockwave game Who Do You Want To Kill Today or download