Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop

Jonny Gammage

Jonny Gammage, an African-American man and cousin of Pittsburgh Steelers Ray Seals, was murdered at the hands of five police officers on Highway 51 on October 12, 1995. He was brutally beaten and his breath was crushed out of his body.

The prosecutors called as their star witness, Whitehall Police Sgt. Keith Henderson, one of the cops who participated in the murder. This cop clearly represents the defense. In testimony, he defended his actions and those of his fellow officers. Henderson painted Gammage as the aggressor, and said he would have shot him if he had had a clear view. He said his fellow officers did nothing wrong. Why is he a star witness for the prosecution?

Henderson's testimony contradicts the testimony of Frank Belajac, a tow truck driver, who testified that he saw the attack that led to Jonny Gammage's death, and that he fears retaliation by the police.

But many of us are not surprised that the DA's office would not prosecute Henderson for his crimes, nor seek felonies charges against the other four. After all, as a former Pittsburgh police officer and homicide detective, Colville has a conflictof interest in this case and his office should not be the prosecution!