Remember Kids, The Only Good Cop Is A Dead Cop

Xianqing Cao

On May 2, 2001, Xianqing Cao was murdered in his own home by Portage, Michigan police officers. Soon afterward, the Kalamazoo County prosecuting attorney James J. Gregart dismissed the matter, before an autopsy report was even issued and without a full and proper investigation first.

Kalamazoo Police surrounded Cao’s family with six police cars in S.W.A.T. team gear on May 2, 2001, after a third grade Portage, Michigan school teacher gave a "bad touch-good touch" exercise to Elena, eight years old, where upon her father was made a suspect. Only after a few hours, without due process (no warning, no investigation, no warrant), Xianqing Cao, thirty-seven years old, was shot in cold blood in his own home when he refused to give custody of his four children, Margaret Cao (eleven years old), Elena Cao (eight years old), Annabelle Cao (two years old) and Alexander (nine months old), to twenty-nine year old police officer Gregory Burke.

This unjustified event took place without warning, questioning, orrequest for a search warrant. Cao, a well-educated member of society, respected among his peers, an honorable father and a beloved husband, died several hours after he was shot three times by the police inside of his home: once in the leg, once in his stomach, and once in his head (perforating gunshot wound to the head, entrance on right frontal-temporal scalp, range of fire: contact to close range). Grave violations of our justice system in collusion with various departments and State agencies have occurred. These violations not only must be brought to light, but there must be a full trial in order that all the details be put under scrutiny. And restitution must be made.